Resources for Your Shelf

The Worship Sourcebook
“This valuable resource for worship planners and pastors includes texts that can be read aloud as well as outlines that can be adapted for your situation. Teaching notes offer guidance for planning each element of the service. Thought-provoking perspectives on the meaning and purpose of worship are great for discussion and reflection.”

The Valley of Vision
“A selection of prayers and meditations in the Puritan tradition, widely valued since publication in 1975.”

Christ-Centered Worship
“This accessible and engaging book provides the church with a Christ-centered understanding of worship to help it transcend the traditional/contemporary worship debate and unite in ministry and mission priorities. Contemporary believers will learn how to shape their worship based on Christ’s ministry to and through them. The book’s insights and practical resources for worship planning will be useful to pastors, worship leaders, worship planning committees, missionaries, and worship and ministry students.”

Worship by the Book
“This book offers pastors, other congregational leaders, and seminary students a thought-provoking biblical theology of worship, followed by a look at how three very different traditions of churchmanship might move from this theological base to a better understanding of corporate worship. Running the gamut from biblical theology to historical assessment all the way to sample service sheets, Worship by the Book shows how local churches in diverse traditions can foster corporate worship that is God-honoring, Word-revering, heartfelt, and historically and culturally informed.”

Ancient-Future Worship
“Rooted in historical models and patristic church studies, Ancient-Future Worship examines how early Christian worship models can be applied to the postmodern church.”

The ESV Bible: Pew and Worship Edition
“These passages, sixty-five in all, were selected to reflect the major themes of the Bible. Together they produce a medley of the treasured portions of God’s Word -from Creation and Abraham to the ministry of Christ and teh New Jerusalem. The breadth of the collection offers pastors a framework in which to plan their preaching schedules and to tutor their congregations in the teachings of Scriptures. Likewise, Christian families are encouraged to enrich their home life by reading these selections together throughout the year.”